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Amala Paul talks her heart out!

Malayalam Actress Amala Paul’s and Tamil Director A L Vijay’s divorce was quite a talk in the media’s some months before. When gossips started getting published with a lot of masala and went much beyond the limit both Amala and Vijay came in front of media, each with their own clarifications. Social Media has always been a step ahead when it comes to unnecessary discussions about private life of celebrities. Amala Paul being the brave heart she is faced and managed all these criticisms gracefully.

Amala Paul was recently seen talking about her future in a recent interview she gave to a Tamil Media Channel.

“Just because I recently had a divorce, doesn’t mean that I have any plans of  becoming a saint and going  to Himalayas. I will get married at the right time. It might be a love marriage. I will reveal the name of the person at the right time”

Amala Paul was also subjected to a lot of criticism for her Social Media pictures.  Very recently she was rained with a series of abuses and criticisms for a picture she posted on twitter.  Despite all this, she stayed true to her professionalism and is slaying it in the movie industry. Her very recent movie was “Achayans” starring Jayaram, Unni Mukundan and Prakash Raj in which she played an important role.


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