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Guns and Thighs! A promising come back from Ram Gopal Varma

Ram Gopal Varma is a director whose violence themed movies have been greatly appreciated for its unique visualization. But in the recent years, his movies, including the last release “Sarkar 3”  have not been very successful.  Proving wrong all the speculations that Ram Gopal Varma is now just a brand name, he is all set with a new project.  The new project is but not a movie but a web series named “Guns and Thighs”.

The new web series is all about what Ram Gopal Varma does best — crimes, criminals and the socio-political nexus of the Mumbai Underworld Mafia. The trailer of the series which had been out recently is very promising and something to look forward to.

The trailer starts with Ram Gopal Varma stating that he always wanted to show the reality of the Mumbai Underworld Mafia in all its realness and roughness but couldn’t show it in his movies due to various reasons. He promises to do so in his web series.

The trailer had been a great hit on social media’s with over 5 Lakh views. Being made under Stormcell Entertainment Productions, the web series will be having 4 seasons with 10 episodes each.



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