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Jayasurya announces the name of Punyalan’s second part!

Malayalam actor Jayasurya and Director Ranjith Sankar earlier announced their collaboration through a new distribution company named “Punyaalan Cinemas”. Jayasurya had also earlier mentioned that the first project of their new company would be the second part of the hit movie “Punyaalan Agarbatis”.

Today at 5pm he took on to Fb to announce the name of the second part of “Punyaalan Agarbatis”. The sequel is been named “Punyaalan Private Limited”.

The name sounds promising. Now what we will have to look forward to is that if it would be as good as its first part.The name has left the audience wanting for more who is eagerly waiting for the first look poster of the movie. More updates about the movie would be hopefully made soon. “Punyaalan Private Limited” will be bought to the cinemas this November 17th as earlier stated in one of Jayasurya’s FB posts.


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