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Film ‘Mahabaratham’ will be released in malayalam as ‘Randamoozham’.

Recently the film director of ‘Mahabharatham’ mentioned about the threat raised by Sangaparivar group will not affect the film. Director Sreekumar and producer B.R Shetty simply neglected these threat raised by Sangaparivar group. The film ‘mahabharatham’ is the most budgeted film ever in the Indian film industry.

Director told that the film will be released as ‘Randamoozham’ in Malayalam language and as ‘Mahabharatham’in other languages.

The film written by Malayalam’s greatest writer M.D vasudhevan nair and it was his decision too were the film will be named as ‘mahabharatham’.The film moves throughout the perspective of beema and the role will do by Mohanlal.

Director: Sreekumar menon

The protest was raised by the ‘Hindu Aikya Vedhi’ leader Sasikala. She announced that the film will not allow releasing in the name of ‘mahabharatham’, can only be released in the name of ‘randam oozham’.


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