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​Sachin – A Billion Dream’s Hindi Movie Review

​Sachin – A Billion Dreams Short Review

​Sachin – A Billion Dreams is a docu-drama about the legendary cricket player Sachin Tendulkar. The film is all about what we already know about Sachin yet what makes it different is the fact that the movie has been beautifully crafted scene by scene including all major events of Sachin’s life. The film shows other legendary cricketers talking about their experiences with Sachin. The film also clearly conveys the struggles Sachin went through before he became what he is today. The use of personal videos shooted during the course of Sachin’s life is a cherry on the cake. Sachin A Billion Dreams takes us on one heck of a nostalgic ride. The film is not only about Sachin but also about the evolution of Indian cricket team itself. The film Finds its way right into our hearts. Leaving the theatre, we definitely will realise that we miss Sachin, for his game as well as for the person he is.

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