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Review of Oru Cinemakaran Movie


Donot compare the title of this film with your expectations because its not. You may think its an inspirational story of a guy who struggles his way towards success but its not just that. It is actually a combination of his personal life problems and so on.

Leo Thaddeus’ directorial is all set for a new experience for malayalam film industry. The screenplay itself is different even we can call it as a crime thriller because the secoend half of the film progresses with a police investigation like a Dhrisyam coverup plan.

Vineeth Sreenivasan plays the lead role called Alby, who married his love Serah(Rejisha Vijayan) in which both their parents were against their will. They had a romantic life but problems arises due to Alby’s passion towards film and restless work through financial stress.

Acting wise its wonderful asusual. For example Vineeth Srinivasan’s nice performance and characterwise acting of Rejisha Vijayan, Renji Panikar who acted as the father of Alby  etc.

Technically is was a nice making, including the cinematograhy and music which will add up to the feel.

Overall its an entertainer in with we gave it 2.9 out of 5 Stars.





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