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Careful – Malayalam Movie Review

Careful is a family thriller by V.K.P aka V.K Prakash, a director who is known for his unique and fresh creations. It’s the official Malayalam remake of the Kannada hit “U-Turn”. The film starts with the introduction that it’s for people like us who never follow traffic rules. The film stays true to this. V.K.P has cleverly tried to use the influential nature of cinema to spread a very important social message.

The story is about a journalist who during the process of preparing an article about traffic violations in Cochin meets a man who violates traffic rules. The film further develops to a chain of events and revelations which leaves us spellbound. The film reminds us that no matter how small a traffic violation might feel, it can have drastic effects.  The first half raises many questions justifying the thriller nature of the movie.

The second half is an answer to the questions raised in the first half of the movie. The second half has many unnecessary scenes and dramatic dialogues which makes the plot look unreal. The poor performance of the leading actors can also be blamed for this. The film ends on not very satisfying note which reveals that V.K Prakash tried to tell many things about traffic violations and its effects but failed in conveying them to the audience.

The debutant Sandhya Raju’s performance is overshadowed by Vijay Babu’s performance which has affected the film negatively.  One positive aspect about the movie is the fact that it has gone deeply into the lives of those families who have lost people to Road Accidents.

It’s a one time watch movie. If you have already watched U-turn, keeping your expectations low might just allow you to gasp the story better.


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