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E Kanni Koodi- Movie Review

E Kanni Kudi is a masterpiece by the veteran film director K G George. One of the main aspects about his movie is his versatility. Who would believe that a movie like “Panchavadi Paalam” which is the first political satire movie in Malayalam was directed by the same director who directed a psychological thriller like “Eragal”. Such is the versatility of K G George. Some other films of him are Swapnadanam, Yavaanika, matoral, Lekhayude Maranam Oru Flashback etc. In all these films his visual narration is directly dependent on its characters psychology which makes his movies memorable and everlasting. His movies can be taken as examples of some of the best classics produced in Malayalam cinema.

The story centres around the murder of a young lady and the investigations regarding it.  As the investigation develops, it comes into limelight that the young women is a prostitute and have no identity. The later part of the film sees camera focused on the life of this young lady. Later it is found out that whoever the police doubts, directly or indirectly becomes a part of this young ladies life. This makes the film a perfect seat edged thriller.

What makes this movie stand out among other investigative thrillers is the strong script and the way in which the movie is realistically told. Sai Kumar plays the role of a police officer in the movie. His performance in the movie can be considered as one of his career best performances. The scenes and situations in the movie are unbelievably realistic telling how things happen in a Police Station in a local surrounding.

The film conveys how the lives of Police Officers are. How a case is solved on the basis of circumstantial evidences, logical calculations as well as sheer intelligence. Todays films lack such crisp details which has been cleverly included by K G George in his films especially E Kanni Koodi. If you have not watched the movie you have missed one of the best thrillers Malyalam Industry has ever seen.



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