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Kerala To Ladakh! A Trip Like Never Before

Leh on a bicycle! 

Are you wondering what it is about?

It’s about a road trip! Not the usual road trips that we have seen or heard of! This one is unique and for all the right reasons.

A group of young travel aspirants, classmates by fate, have decided to make a trip to Leh. Want to know what makes this very trip different?

They are going to capture the heights of Ladakh on a bicycle. Yes, buddies! You heard it just right. They are going to travel all the way from Kerala to Ladakh just on a bicycle.

This group of four, Jinu Thomas, Anto P Devasia, Sooryanarayanan Chandrashekaran and Jerin Joseph are Multimedia graduates from St.Joseph College of Communication, Changanacherry. Sharing the same taste in traveling and exploring places, these young men have decided to give their dreams wings.

They are all set to start their journey tomorrow that is the 25th of June. They will be starting from Ponkunnam and are hoping to complete their journey by 2 months!

A reason to look forward to this is that they are traveling for a cause. Their message to all is to end ‘Racial, religious and caste discrimination and to make the world a better place’!  They want to feel the aura of India by traveling different states, meeting different people, interacting with them, discovering the flavors of each state, feeling the climate and having an awesome memory of all these captured in their cameras.

Cool isn’t it? By this trip, they intend to get close to nature in the most natural way.  Montra blues 1.1 hybrid and Longhorn mountain rider cycles are going to be their companions on the trip. They’ll be camping tents on the way to rest.

Can anything be more adventurous than this? All of us would have at least once in our lives dreamed of being on a road trip like this. Let’s collectively reach out to them and extend our sincere supports as they have dared to do it.

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